Yes, I disappeared...

Oh my. I am so embarrassed that it's been...well-over a year since my last post! So much has happened!! June 2015 we learned we would be doing a last-minute move from Illinois to Indiana so my husband could start a teaching position at Ball State. After a frantic month of packing and getting the house on the market, we moved to a rental house with two kitchens and no AC. My "studio" pretty much disappeared.

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the moms who taught us to sew, crochet, or knit.
To all the moms who taught us to garden and cook.
To all the moms who taught us to build computers or fix cars.
To all the moms who taught us to survive in the wild and build fires.

Sweat Won't Stop You (and other thoughts on loom knitting)

My name is Stephanie, and I have hyperhidrosis. In other words, I sweat. A lot. As in, there are little puddles on every key I've touched on my keyboard as I'm typing this.


A Friday Sonnet

Elizabeth Barret Browning's Sonnet 43 is a much loved poem in my family. It is lovely and was one of the first poems I ever remember reading/hearing/discussing. If you aren't familiar with it:

Silk Scarves: Rebirth and Kraken

I started with silk painting back in November when I decided some little girls I know needed fairy wings.

Since then, I've spent many an hour day-dreaming about future creations...and I've lost sleep because I couldn't stop the creative process.

Silk painting is an almost limitless medium, and perfect for people like me who enjoy the freeing aspects of art, rather than the nit-picky detail. You can truly lose yourself while creating free-form expression on silk.


Mixed emotions in the garden

This past weekend was beautiful. Sunny skies, warm temps (not too warm though), and a cool breeze. This is the first year in quite some time that we haven't had enough compost to top off our beds, so we picked up 60-70 gallons of mushroom compost from our local landscape recycling facility for a whopping $7.

Daniel found the mice that made a late autumn snack of my curing sweet potatoes nesting in our shed. They'd nibbled on every tool, all the gloves, and chewed a huge hole out of our inflatable swimming pool. Up side: the shed is now quite clean and much emptier.


I recently spent a couple weeks with my family in GA. It's always a long time between visits, so we try to make the trip as long as we can and cram in as many activities as possible. This time, I took advantage of some additional guinea pigs and made my new soup for my parents. Originally the soup was supposed to be my "Fourth of July" soup that would make you think of summer and July 4th when you ate it (I've been aching for Spring for a while now), but it was a flop in that sense.


Friday Haiku

I told warned's the second installment of celebratory Friday poetry.
How many projects do you have going now?


Starting the 2015 GARDEN!

As I type this, the windchill is seven below (Fahrenheit). It was twenty-five below when we woke up. Doesn't this just scream garden?

I love winter. I love cold. But I'm learning this year that if there's very little snow and it's too cold to play outside...all that love sours in your brain like too much sweets in your stomach.

But now...there's dirt under my nails and I couldn't be happier! I'm ready for SPRING.

I tricked myself a little today; I pretended it's spring and got my leek, tomato, and oregano seeds started for the 2015 garden:


Growing up, food was never particularly important (aside from the fact that you'll die without it).

If you were ever invited to my house for a home-cooked meal, my mom would joke that you must be in trouble. If Dad made any commentary on the meal, she'd remind him of her warnings from while they were dating: "If you're looking for a cook, keep on looking" and "I'll give you quantity, not quality."