January 2013

Hangin' with the Animals

The little man has clothes...and I mean CLOTHES. Shirts, socks, pants, coats, accessories. And he has WAY more than I do. I am in no way complaining - I love rarely looking into his closet and realizing there's nothing clean to put on him - but we live in a shoebox and his bigger stuff (towel, wee-one-keeper-warmer, snow suit) keep ending up in a big pile on the floor because there's no where to put them.


A Pintermission: January Results

I've been true to my word completing a Pintermission every month, but this month I forgot one key element: PROOF! Yes, this will be a photo-less post. My parents recently moved from Minnesota to Georgia and stopped at our place for a night's rest on their way through with the moving truck. I decided to load them up with healthy goodies for the road, and quick bites to grab while they unpacked. Nothing makes me feel less like moving (belongings or just in general) than fast food.

When it's okay to air your dirty laundry

Okay, so it's not dirty anymore by the time it's being aired, and you still probably shouldn't hang it on the sidewalk. But as a cloth diapering momma, I find a clothesline full of cloth diapers to actually be somewhat peaceful and beautiful. It gives me the same feeling as looking at the wind turbine fields.


Yes, yes. I know “everything pumpkin” season is pretty much over, but I finally remembered to take pictures of this recipe! I hate having to make dishes right before they’re consumed. Nothing is ever done when I expect it to be (I either mess something up, calculate the time wrong, require a last minute mid-recipe store trip, or the universe is just working against me), so I love any recipe that is make-ahead. This panna cotta recipe is a super easy make-ahead with a lush, velvety texture and refreshingly delicious flavor.

Handmade Holidays

Happy New Year! Yes, yes, I know it’s late. The whole family rang in the new year with a stomach virus, so I’m just now catching up. Now that everyone has had a chance to open their handmade gifts it’s safe to share what I’ve been up to the last several months! Because so many of these were Pinterest inspired (especially the food), I’m counting Christmas-ing as my December Pintermission.