February 2013

Birthday Love and Flowers...

...in card form.

Finally, an excuse to get into something a little more intricate in card making (albeit, still pretty basic)!


A Pintermission: February Results

It's that time again! For Pintermission number four I have two projects: baking and crafting.

Booger is in the cruising stage and is into anything and everything. We have a bookcase in the living room (his play area) that was woefully unprepared for little hands...resulting in some destroyed music scores :(


Is it Spring yet?

Normally I am a winter-loving person. Since moving to Illinois, I spend much of the year looking forward to coats, scarves, sweaters, and SNOW! But this year (and last)? Bah! Winter seems to be becoming something of a myth in east-central Illinois as it rains more than it snows, and I can go without a coat more often than not, which leaves me day dreaming about the arrival of Spring!

And what does Spring mean? Starting the garden!


Cricuts and Birds

In the months leading up to Christmas, Mr. Indulgent asked over and over what I wanted, only to receive the dreaded "I don't know" each time...until I finally thought of something that would make my crafting life much easier.

"I want to be able to cut a perfect circle," was the wish of the year. And do you know what? That darling husband of mine came through by giving me a Cricut mini. I finally had time to make wonderful use of my new toy on a birthday card for a friend. I started small, fulfilling my "wish" exactly.