July 2013

July Pintermission: Results

Look at me, I'm back in the game! This has been a seriously busy month, but I think I've only had three Pinterest projects!

The first was my sister's birthday card...that I forgot to get a picture of before it went in its envelope and subsequently the mailbox. This is the pin that I copied recreated.


A new member is on the way!!!

Okay, I realize that this may mislead some folks (hindsight...right?). I'm not pregnant. We aren't adopting. BUT, a Bernina 1008 is on its way to my house!!!

This was definitely one of the more impulsive buys of my life, but I'm so excited.


Time to Celebrate Card

My dad recently celebrated his birthday (woot!), and I took advantage of the situation and put my new Cricut cartridge to use. I really wanted something fun for him, and a little outside the typical gift/cupcake/etc theme. I used the "sorry I'm late" or something or other design from my Wild Card 2 cartridge, replaced those words with "It's Time to Celebrate" and tada!!

Behold :)


Pintermission: Babyville Diaper Cover

Yes, yes. I know it's been a while since a Pintermission post. It's been...busy. Rest assured, I've actually been accomplishing quite a bit, just haven't had the time to blog about it :( This month, I bring to you a diaper cover!

I'm a DIYer at heart, so my lovely parents were pretty excited when they found the Babyville line at the craft store one day. They got me the book and one of the three-packs of PUL for Christmas while I was still pregnant...and I FINALLY got around to making a diaper cover!!


Our radishes did well this year. Ridiculously well. So ridiculously well that we pawned bunches off on all our local friends and neighbors, and have still been eating them with most meals. Good thing they are delicious!

The greens, however good for you, are not the tastiest of foods, in my opinion. Not wanting to waste the food we already had, or the calcium and Vitamin C that were just waiting for us, we used them in a delicious pistachio based pesto (and we also toss handfuls into our smoothies). Pesto pasta, pesto and Swiss grilled cheese...what a yummy week of food :)


Happy (belated) July 4th! (Scovill Zoo)

Thanks to some super nice upper management where I work, I got a surprise day off today! Since the weather was nice, we took Booger to a small, local zoo to enjoy some family time.


Skinned knees and mommy tears

They grow up so fast. You hear it over and over again, and you have no choice but to believe it as you watch them change over night.

I'd stopped calling Booger "baby", and call him "little boy" now. I knew he was growing up. His features have thinned out considerably, he truly interacts with us, and he has strong opinions. Very strong. Too strong... I digress. My sweet Booger is growing up.