August 2013

August pintermission results, and then some

Woo! More projects completed! I just love being able to step back and say "done."

Our first big project had been in the works for a while: converting our livingroom coat closet into an entry nook. This pin was my inspiration and it's finally completed! And for now I guess you'll just have to take my word for it since I keep forgetting to take a picture :)

(Update 9/26: Here's a picture!)


Saving Seeds

Our wall of tomatoes has gone completely and utterly wild. I now have 4 gallon bags full of diced (seeded) tomatoes in the freezer...and we're only about half through what appears to be the season. I've been keeping the seeds from all of our heirloom tomatoes (fingers crossed this works because I want these beauties next year!).


Kiddo Bean Bag Chair

Little Boy is on the run...and climb...and into everything. We have a kid sized adirondack style chair for Booger, but he's a little terrifying getting into it (he tries to climb in frontwards and puts his legs through the holes from the arms of the chair). Since he so enjoys snuggling up with pillows and feather blankets, I decided to make a bean bag chair for him to chill in.

Because he's a mess toddler, I decided to use some leftover PUL from making my pail liners so it will be spill/leak/vomit-proof, and got some wide-wale corduroy for a cover so it's snuggly.


A Bittersweet Vacation

Mr. Indulgent presented at a conference in Toronto last week, so we took advantage of the situation and made a vacation out of it. My incredible parents came up to watch Booger for the week and the hubs and I got to remember what it's like to be a couple.

To show my appreciation, I put together a little goodie basket!


Happy Grandparents' Day

First and foremost, Happy Grandparents' Day to all the incredible grandparents out there! Whether your grandkids are near or far, I hope you got to spend some quality time with them and that someone thanked you for being in their lives.

Loving my garden!

Every couple days, Mr. Indulgent and I make a run through the garden and come back with shirts full of treasures (no, we never do remember to bring something to put the produce in). What a great feeling!

Most recent harvest:


Spices on Display

We love to cook (obviously). As a result, we have spices...and herbs...and more spices. So many that we could never find anything. And thanks to my being under 5' tall, I couldn't reach half of them either. Thanks to some research into Indian cooking, we learned about the masala dabba, took Alton Brown's spice storage idea, and kept going from there.