September 2013

Baby-Mae Leggings Review (you need these)

I think most parents have heard of BabyLegs at this point, and for good reason! Little leggings make life SO much easier when it comes to diaper changes, crawling, and they also add to the general cuteness of your little one (and yes, boys and girls!).

And if you know about BabyLegs, you know that they'll set you back a pretty penny ($12+ per pair!). Luck is smiling down on all of us, because a dear and talented friend of mine has set up shop selling adorable, custom products for a completely reasonable price!


Winter Gardening

It's that time of year. Summer has officially come to a close and the cooler weather is finally making its way here. After a hot, dry summer, I couldn't be more ready.

So, I lied. I'm beyond ready in my head...but reality is a slightly different story.


Homemade Stevia Liquid

My fingers are so sweet. It's like I'm made of plant-based candy. I'd let you try, but you're not here. Plus, that'd be kinda really weird...I just don't know you that well.

I've never used Stevia. Powder. Leaf. Extract. Liquid. None of it. That stuff is crazy expensive. Thanks to the impulsive decision to grow some this summer, I got to spend some time tonight rolling and tearing up stevia leaves, and now I know how sweet it is!