October 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween! The planned trick-or-treating may have been rained out, but we made up for it with good friends and good fun indoors. I don't think Booger noticed :)

Our Wreck It Ralph costumes (Vannelope von Schweetz, Fix it Felix, Wreck it Ralph):


A little Sugar Rush, anyone?

We have a few criteria for Halloween costumes: Booger can't "know" that he's in costume (has to just be clothes), and I have to be COMFORTABLE. This year, the family decided to go for a Wreck It Ralph themed Halloween.

My first non-Christmas wreath - My October Pintermission

I've never had a wreath on my door other than my Christmas wreath (with the exception of the monster wreath for Booger's first birthday). I recently stumbled across said monster wreath and decided to re-make it. I knew I'd been pinning felt flower tutorials for a reason :)