February 2015

Friday Haiku

I told warned you...here's the second installment of celebratory Friday poetry.
How many projects do you have going now?


Starting the 2015 GARDEN!

As I type this, the windchill is seven below (Fahrenheit). It was twenty-five below when we woke up. Doesn't this just scream garden?

I love winter. I love cold. But I'm learning this year that if there's very little snow and it's too cold to play outside...all that love sours in your brain like too much sweets in your stomach.

But now...there's dirt under my nails and I couldn't be happier! I'm ready for SPRING.

I tricked myself a little today; I pretended it's spring and got my leek, tomato, and oregano seeds started for the 2015 garden:


Growing up, food was never particularly important (aside from the fact that you'll die without it).

If you were ever invited to my house for a home-cooked meal, my mom would joke that you must be in trouble. If Dad made any commentary on the meal, she'd remind him of her warnings from while they were dating: "If you're looking for a cook, keep on looking" and "I'll give you quantity, not quality."


Stash? What stash?

Fridays should be celebrated. I'm talking balloons, confetti, fireworks, noise makers...everything.


And because I can't actually inflict any of those celebratory tactics on you, I have forced you to celebrate via poetry. Craft poetry.

Enjoy your weekend...and try to resist the temptation. How big is your stash?


Just over a year later...

I'm back. I started last winter with grand plans in my winter coldhouses...the polar vortex became a thing...and my plans crumbled right alongside my coldhouses. At the same time, I made a difficult decision to set the blog aside and focus all my "free" time on my family. Working 40+ hrs a week, I needed to spend as much time engaged with my little boy as I possibly could, so I let go of what I could.