April 2015

Sweat Won't Stop You (and other thoughts on loom knitting)

My name is Stephanie, and I have hyperhidrosis. In other words, I sweat. A lot. As in, there are little puddles on every key I've touched on my keyboard as I'm typing this.


A Friday Sonnet

Elizabeth Barret Browning's Sonnet 43 is a much loved poem in my family. It is lovely and was one of the first poems I ever remember reading/hearing/discussing. If you aren't familiar with it:

Silk Scarves: Rebirth and Kraken

I started with silk painting back in November when I decided some little girls I know needed fairy wings.

Since then, I've spent many an hour day-dreaming about future creations...and I've lost sleep because I couldn't stop the creative process.

Silk painting is an almost limitless medium, and perfect for people like me who enjoy the freeing aspects of art, rather than the nit-picky detail. You can truly lose yourself while creating free-form expression on silk.


Mixed emotions in the garden

This past weekend was beautiful. Sunny skies, warm temps (not too warm though), and a cool breeze. This is the first year in quite some time that we haven't had enough compost to top off our beds, so we picked up 60-70 gallons of mushroom compost from our local landscape recycling facility for a whopping $7.

Daniel found the mice that made a late autumn snack of my curing sweet potatoes nesting in our shed. They'd nibbled on every tool, all the gloves, and chewed a huge hole out of our inflatable swimming pool. Up side: the shed is now quite clean and much emptier.