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Mixed emotions in the garden

This past weekend was beautiful. Sunny skies, warm temps (not too warm though), and a cool breeze. This is the first year in quite some time that we haven't had enough compost to top off our beds, so we picked up 60-70 gallons of mushroom compost from our local landscape recycling facility for a whopping $7.

Daniel found the mice that made a late autumn snack of my curing sweet potatoes nesting in our shed. They'd nibbled on every tool, all the gloves, and chewed a huge hole out of our inflatable swimming pool. Up side: the shed is now quite clean and much emptier.


Starting the 2015 GARDEN!

As I type this, the windchill is seven below (Fahrenheit). It was twenty-five below when we woke up. Doesn't this just scream garden?

I love winter. I love cold. But I'm learning this year that if there's very little snow and it's too cold to play outside...all that love sours in your brain like too much sweets in your stomach.

But now...there's dirt under my nails and I couldn't be happier! I'm ready for SPRING.

I tricked myself a little today; I pretended it's spring and got my leek, tomato, and oregano seeds started for the 2015 garden:


Winter Gardening: Coldhouses

October brought some unseasonably cool temperatures this year (no complaints), so we very quickly had to get our coldhouses up and running. We had a couple nights in the upper twenties while we were still waiting for the plastic for the coldhouses, but thankfully the row covers were enough.


Winter Gardening

It's that time of year. Summer has officially come to a close and the cooler weather is finally making its way here. After a hot, dry summer, I couldn't be more ready.

So, I lied. I'm beyond ready in my head...but reality is a slightly different story.


Homemade Stevia Liquid

My fingers are so sweet. It's like I'm made of plant-based candy. I'd let you try, but you're not here. Plus, that'd be kinda really weird...I just don't know you that well.

I've never used Stevia. Powder. Leaf. Extract. Liquid. None of it. That stuff is crazy expensive. Thanks to the impulsive decision to grow some this summer, I got to spend some time tonight rolling and tearing up stevia leaves, and now I know how sweet it is!


Saving Seeds

Our wall of tomatoes has gone completely and utterly wild. I now have 4 gallon bags full of diced (seeded) tomatoes in the freezer...and we're only about half through what appears to be the season. I've been keeping the seeds from all of our heirloom tomatoes (fingers crossed this works because I want these beauties next year!).


Loving my garden!

Every couple days, Mr. Indulgent and I make a run through the garden and come back with shirts full of treasures (no, we never do remember to bring something to put the produce in). What a great feeling!

Most recent harvest:



...And so are we. I know, I know. It's been nearly four months, but life got away from me! The boy is far more mobile now (as in almost running), so we've been in a mad scramble trying to child-proof more of the house so he has room to roam.


Is it Spring yet?

Normally I am a winter-loving person. Since moving to Illinois, I spend much of the year looking forward to coats, scarves, sweaters, and SNOW! But this year (and last)? Bah! Winter seems to be becoming something of a myth in east-central Illinois as it rains more than it snows, and I can go without a coat more often than not, which leaves me day dreaming about the arrival of Spring!

And what does Spring mean? Starting the garden!