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I recently spent a couple weeks with my family in GA. It's always a long time between visits, so we try to make the trip as long as we can and cram in as many activities as possible. This time, I took advantage of some additional guinea pigs and made my new soup for my parents. Originally the soup was supposed to be my "Fourth of July" soup that would make you think of summer and July 4th when you ate it (I've been aching for Spring for a while now), but it was a flop in that sense.


Growing up, food was never particularly important (aside from the fact that you'll die without it).

If you were ever invited to my house for a home-cooked meal, my mom would joke that you must be in trouble. If Dad made any commentary on the meal, she'd remind him of her warnings from while they were dating: "If you're looking for a cook, keep on looking" and "I'll give you quantity, not quality."


Homemade Stevia Liquid

My fingers are so sweet. It's like I'm made of plant-based candy. I'd let you try, but you're not here. Plus, that'd be kinda really weird...I just don't know you that well.

I've never used Stevia. Powder. Leaf. Extract. Liquid. None of it. That stuff is crazy expensive. Thanks to the impulsive decision to grow some this summer, I got to spend some time tonight rolling and tearing up stevia leaves, and now I know how sweet it is!


A Bittersweet Vacation

Mr. Indulgent presented at a conference in Toronto last week, so we took advantage of the situation and made a vacation out of it. My incredible parents came up to watch Booger for the week and the hubs and I got to remember what it's like to be a couple.

To show my appreciation, I put together a little goodie basket!


Spices on Display

We love to cook (obviously). As a result, we have spices...and herbs...and more spices. So many that we could never find anything. And thanks to my being under 5' tall, I couldn't reach half of them either. Thanks to some research into Indian cooking, we learned about the masala dabba, took Alton Brown's spice storage idea, and kept going from there.


July Pintermission: Results

Look at me, I'm back in the game! This has been a seriously busy month, but I think I've only had three Pinterest projects!

The first was my sister's birthday card...that I forgot to get a picture of before it went in its envelope and subsequently the mailbox. This is the pin that I copied recreated.


Our radishes did well this year. Ridiculously well. So ridiculously well that we pawned bunches off on all our local friends and neighbors, and have still been eating them with most meals. Good thing they are delicious!

The greens, however good for you, are not the tastiest of foods, in my opinion. Not wanting to waste the food we already had, or the calcium and Vitamin C that were just waiting for us, we used them in a delicious pistachio based pesto (and we also toss handfuls into our smoothies). Pesto pasta, pesto and Swiss grilled cheese...what a yummy week of food :)


Happy Birthday, Booger!

The little man turned one Wednesday (what?!) and we had a little monster party with some friends this weekend.

I made a monster wreath for the door using strips of an old T-shirt tied around a wreath form. I left the eye up to Mr. Indulgent, so we ended up with the eye of Sauron from LOTR.


A Pintermission: February Results

It's that time again! For Pintermission number four I have two projects: baking and crafting.

Booger is in the cruising stage and is into anything and everything. We have a bookcase in the living room (his play area) that was woefully unprepared for little hands...resulting in some destroyed music scores :(


Yes, yes. I know “everything pumpkin” season is pretty much over, but I finally remembered to take pictures of this recipe! I hate having to make dishes right before they’re consumed. Nothing is ever done when I expect it to be (I either mess something up, calculate the time wrong, require a last minute mid-recipe store trip, or the universe is just working against me), so I love any recipe that is make-ahead. This panna cotta recipe is a super easy make-ahead with a lush, velvety texture and refreshingly delicious flavor.