Mixed emotions in the garden

Mixed emotions in the garden | My Hands-on Life

This past weekend was beautiful. Sunny skies, warm temps (not too warm though), and a cool breeze. This is the first year in quite some time that we haven't had enough compost to top off our beds, so we picked up 60-70 gallons of mushroom compost from our local landscape recycling facility for a whopping $7.

Daniel found the mice that made a late autumn snack of my curing sweet potatoes nesting in our shed. They'd nibbled on every tool, all the gloves, and chewed a huge hole out of our inflatable swimming pool. Up side: the shed is now quite clean and much emptier.

I spent Sunday preparing two more of our 4 raised beds, so 3/4 are now ready. I put drywall screws (short with a nice, flat head) in the boards every foot and used nylon string to create my square foot grid. I'll still need another batch of the mushroom compost to finish the last bed. I don't know where all our soil went this last year!

I had already planted some rapini and beets two weeks ago. I planted my next section of rapini in that bed, moved on to the next bed and realized something...

All of my garden plans are based on 4'x8' beds. As it turns out, my beds are 4'x10'. Crap. Since I didn't realize this until after I'd planted some, and I undoubtedly counted from the top AND the bottom, I have no idea where anything from two weeks ago is. While I'm really excited to have just "discovered" an additional 8 sqft per bed, I am having to rework all of my plans...and who knows if I'll end up leaving some squares empty or accidentally double planting them! Time will tell!

I also got a small greenhouse on sale two weeks ago for $10. I was so excited to move my seedlings outside, save my leek seedlings from a cat who has been walking around with onion breath for the last two weeks, and clear up kitchen space. You know that whole "out of sight, out of mind" adage? Turns out, it's totally true. I checked the thermometer one morning (we have a wireless remote thermometer that we keep in the greenhouse but can read inside) and it was 120 degrees in that greenhouse. Crap, again. I had 27 little seedling pods that looked awesome when they went out. I now have 9 raggedy survivors. One month, lost. Two steps forward, one step back. All that jazz.