Silk Scarves: Rebirth and Kraken

Silk Scarves: Rebirth and Kraken | My Hands-on Life

I started with silk painting back in November when I decided some little girls I know needed fairy wings.

Since then, I've spent many an hour day-dreaming about future creations...and I've lost sleep because I couldn't stop the creative process.

Silk painting is an almost limitless medium, and perfect for people like me who enjoy the freeing aspects of art, rather than the nit-picky detail. You can truly lose yourself while creating free-form expression on silk.

I recently lost my grandfather. No matter the fact that we knew it was coming and we knew he was no longer in pain, it is always hard to lose someone you love. The rest of my family is together in Georgia and they all went down to Florida for the funeral. Having just returned from a two week vacation and looking at a 20 hour drive by myself or around $2k in plane tickets, I was unable to go.

It is difficult to process grief alone. My husband was there for me, but he never knew my grandfather at his prime. He never knew the wealth of personality that man had to offer, or the joy and passion he brought to life. My husband could comfort me and listen to me reminiscing, but he couldn't truly celebrate my grandfather's life with me.

So, as I lingered over fond memories of my grandfather, I painted. This scarf started as something else weeks ago, which I didn't like much, and I thought I'd give it a "rebirth" as it became my outlet for processing my emotions. It was truly freeing.

My other scarf is a little more structured and much less overflowing with emotion.

A dear friend of mine, and a lover of all things ocean, recently had a birthday, so I decided to make her an octopus scarf. Lincoln loved looking at it while it was on the silk frame and would call it his Kraken. I guess the name stuck!

Both of these pieces were created using dyes from the Jacquard starter kit, then steamed in my make-shift steamer. More on that later!