Yes, I disappeared...

Oh my. I am so embarrassed that it's been...well-over a year since my last post! So much has happened!! June 2015 we learned we would be doing a last-minute move from Illinois to Indiana so my husband could start a teaching position at Ball State. After a frantic month of packing and getting the house on the market, we moved to a rental house with two kitchens and no AC. My "studio" pretty much disappeared.

I was also pregnant at the time! Our second little boy was due in the middle of January 2016. Between the new job, new town, Lincoln, and another one on the way, I didn't have enough time, energy, or brain cells left for the creative process! That doesn't mean I haven't been "doing"...

Green Goblin costume for Lincoln (I will be making the pattern for this!):

Shrug for Mom (pattern available here):

Bookcase for Lincoln:

OMG giant squid for Lincoln using this tutorial (I left off the eyes because L insists giant squids only have one eye and I couldn't bring myself to make it with just one..):

Slipcovers for my parents' new patio furniture (tutorial to come eventually):

A shirt for ME (it's drapey and flowy and photographs horridly, but thanks to insomnia it has hand-rolled neck and arm hems!):

But, I've moved again. I'm in a house with AC (cue angels singing), a little studio for me, and a heated garage for messy projects. So. Many. Plans.