The Ultimate Wee-One-Keeper-Warmer

Being Southerners transplanted to the Midwest, my husband and I have been racking our brains to figure out how to keep Booger warm during outings this winter…with the least amount of hair-pulling-out possible.


Crafting Away...

…but you won’t know how until Christmas.
I love making things for people, so if I believe it will be appreciated, I almost always opt to make gifts. That said, I’ve also learned it’s not worth the time and effort when the recipient won’t appreciate it, and that’s what “experience” gifts are for.


$2 (or less) sleepsack: Tutorial

Guess what? Winter in Illinois is cold (learn something new every day, right?). The hubs and I sleep under a cozy feather comforter, but something tells me that the AAP wouldn’t be thrilled about a fluffy feather comforter for Booger. Er go: $2 sleep sack.

That’s right. There’s no need to spend $20 on a sleep sack. All you need is an XL mens sweatshirt (I got this for $1.95 at Goodwill), a sewing machine, and about 2 hours (well, the time really depends on how often you screw up and how sharp your seam ripper is).


A Pintermission

A few months ago, I got an email from Honda about their Pintermission campaign and I thought it was a great idea. A lot of people seem to feel it was some kind of anti-Pinterest campaign, but I saw it as encouragement to live life and try new things (the sales pitch for the new CR-V is all about getting out and living life). They weren’t saying to just take a day off from Pinterest because Pinterest is bad for you. It was take a day off and DO SOMETHING that you’ve pinned.

These are not the droids you are looking for...

If only I had a C3PO, too!!
I’ve been looking forward to this Halloween for the past year. This is my first time getting to transform an already adorable baby into something too cute for words
So, I’ve been mulling over ideas all year and, after much indecision, settled on dressing Booger as R2D2 (largely because he sounds like R2 in Return of the Jedi when they’re under fire in the x-wing).


The leaves are changing. Booger and I spend time every day watching them dance down from the trees, and lay in our yard for a few minutes before blowing next door to our neighbor’s yard (this man details his truck weekly, washes his driveway at least biweekly, and has laid and re-laid the same pavers in a backyard project easily 5 times). Oops. We do rake them up out of his yard when we rake…once…at the end of the season.

Along with beautiful fall leaves comes cocoa, scarves, and – for me – an undying craving for comfort food. Warm, delicious, creamy, comfort food.


Quick, easy Mr. Ray

I learned to crochet just before Booger was born. As a matter of fact, this was my first project, and I was working on it when I went into labor (pattern here).

I grew up with cool parents. While my friends’ parents bonded with them over dinner and cooking lessons, my parents bonded with us over Tootsie Roll and marshmallow fights (when my parents moved, we found countless fallen soldiers under the living room furniture). It was a blast, and my friends were always jealous.

Cooking just wasn’t a big part of our family life. Result? I have an awesome relationship with my parents…and I was fairly clueless in the kitchen when I moved out on my own. To be honest, I was fairly clueless until my husband took pity on me and started teaching me.


My new go-to baby gift

Before I had a child, I never knew what would make a good baby gift, especially for parents who didn’t register. Everyone wants to give something practical, yet personal at the same time. Thanks to a dear friend who loves to spoil Booger, I now know.

How does your garden grow?

If you polled our neighbors, I’m pretty sure they’d all be wondering when we’ll figure out what we’re doing with our garden. We’ve had a vegetable garden every summer since we moved here in 2008, and have tried something new each year.

This past summer we experimented with gutter gardens to try to make better use of our shoebox sized yard (vertical gardening? Yes, please!!). Thanks to the scorching temps and bone-dry summer, we haven’t the slightest clue if it was a success.