That's not a pumpkin under there...

Hello, October (a day late) and WELCOME!

In late July I started pestering Mr. Indulgent about Halloween costumes (“…but it’s almost September, so that means it’s almost October, so that means it’s almost Halloween!!”), but since we just decided what we’re doing this year, I thought I’d share the fun I had last year…with my bump.


Do you know your grasses?

I’m a fairly typical American (I’d like to say normal, but my husband would never go along with that). I grew up in a family of four, in a single family home, in a suburb (and we had a cat, then a dog, then two dogs). I graduated from high school and put myself through college, graduated from college and worked in retail for a year, until finally landing a “real” job…about 15,000 miles outside of my field.