Project One

As I shared in my post about my grandfather's death and silk scarves, I believe artistic expression is a perfect way to process overwhelming emotion.

It turns out, I'm not alone.

Project One is a joint project with my dear friend Anju Kettish. Both having discovered the cathartic experience that is losing yourself in art of any form, we wanted to open a platform to allow others to share "one" piece of their work.

We share these works that carried us through an emotional journey to come together, create a sense of community, and revel in the incredible power of artistic expression. If you would like to connect with one of the authors/artists, please contact me at I would be more than happy to facilitate an introduction provided that the author/artist is interested. I will not, however, share personal/contact information for anyone who has submitted their work without their express, written consent.

Submission Details

Anju Kettish - Leesburg, VA

I tell you I do not care, but I care.
I tell you I have nothing to share, but I share.
All I want to do is share, share with you.

Care for you.
Be with you.
Dare, Bare
Soul, Body, Heart
Weaknesses, Regret, Remorse, Forgiveness
Love, Frightened

I thought you didn’t want me.
I thought you didn’t care.
You didn’t dare love me.

I didn’t see because you were afraid.
I was so narcissistic
I only saw me

I didn’t see you.
Your fears, your disappointments in yourself.
I thought it was me.

You loved me, you dared to care.

I lost the chance to say I’m Sorry.
I dare not care.

You loved me so openly

I only saw selfishness, needy, and wanting to talk.

I am so sorry.

Stephanie Swilley - My Hands-on Life - Champaign, IL

As seen in my post:
"I recently lost my grandfather. No matter the fact that we knew it was coming and we knew he was no longer in pain, it is always hard to lose someone you love ... It is difficult to process grief alone. My husband was there for me, but he never knew my grandfather at his prime. He never knew the wealth of personality that man had to offer, or the joy and passion he brought to life. My husband could comfort me and listen to me reminiscing, but he couldn't truly celebrate my grandfather's life with me. So, as I lingered over fond memories of my grandfather, I painted. This scarf started as something else weeks ago, which I didn't like much, and I thought I'd give it a "rebirth" as it became my outlet for processing my emotions. It was truly freeing."