My name is Stephanie and I am a southern city-girl (Atlanta), transplanted to corn-and-soybean-ville Midwest (East Central IL). My husband (who nearly always agrees to my ideas, even though 90% of the time the result is more work for him) and I have a sweet little boy who was born March 2012 and, no matter how adamant I am about breaking down gender barriers in toys and activities, is a stereotypical boy through-and-through.

Some tidbits about me that could explain any of the strange things you see here:

I love snow, cats, creating, and big pictures.

I used to work fulltime in a high-stress job, but I decided to take a leap of faith and follow my passion...hopefully turning my love for writing and creating into my new job (in addition to being a SAHM).

I whole-heartedly believe that I am funny enough to be a comedian. Others whole-heartedly believe that comedic humor should be intentional.

While taking pictures before my wedding, the photographer told me to look sexy. I shook my head and explained that "...I am not sexy. I'm clumsy and endearing." We now have a picture of me tripping over nothing to prove this.

My husband tells me at least once a week that I should be studied, and I sometimes think he might be right.

I spent the majority of my life fairly unaware of how to be truly self-sufficient (read: in a post-apocalyptic world without modern conveniences, I would have died first). In recent years, I’ve slowly started dabbling in different areas, and am now making a concerted effort to KNOW through research and experience.

...which led to...

I want a homestead. About 10 acres where I can have a mini farm/huge garden, an earthship style house that is as self-sustaining as possible, an enormous four season greenhouse, chickens, and goats (10 acres is clearly too much to mow). This is the dream I'm working toward.

I hope you enjoy what you find here and that it encourages you to dig in and get your hands dirty!